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CR01G340 Culi Robusta Ground 340g bag 5.85
CR02G340 Robusta/Arab.Ground 340g bag 6.25
CR03G340 Arabica Se Ground 340g bag 7.25
CR04G340 Premium Culi Ground 340g bag 7.95
CR05G340 Culi Arabica Ground 340g bag 8.95
CR08G250 Sang Tao 8 Ground 250g pack 14.95
CR01B250 Culi Robusta Bean 250g bag 4.45
CR01B03K Culi Robusta Bean 3Kg bag 53.40
CR02B250 Robusta/Arabica Bean 250g bag 5.25
CR02B03K Robusta/Arab. Bean 3kg bag. 63.00
CR04B250 Premium Culi Bean 250g bag 6.50
CR04B03K Premium Culi Bean 3Kg bag 78.00
CR05B250 Culi Arabica Bean 250g bag 7.60
CR05B03K Culi Arabica Bean 3Kg bag 91.12
CR08B250 Sang Tao 8 Bean 250g bag 14.90
CR08B03K Sang Tao 8 Bean 3Kg bag 178.80
CRHBG500 House Blend Ground 500g box 7.25
CRGBG500 Gourmet Blend Ground 500g box 8.45
CRPBG425 Premium Blend Ground 425g can 10.90
CRSBG500 S Blend Ground 500g bag 5.95
CRIBG500 I Blend Ground 500g bag 6.35
CRNBG500 Nau Blend Ground 500g bag 7.50
G73IN1 G7 3-in-1 Instant 18 sachet box 4.95
G7BLACK G7 Black Instant 15 sachet box 2.40
G7CAPPHAZ Legend Cappuccino Hazelnut 12 sachet 4.95
G7CAPPMOC Legend Cappuccino Mocha 12 sachet 4.95
G7CAPPMOC Legend Cappuccino Mocha 12 sachet 4.95
G7PASS Legend Passiona 4-in-1 Instant 14 sachet 4.40
LEGCLS Legend Classic 3-in-1 4.95
LEGSPL Legend Special 3-in-1 6.75
LEGSPL Legend Special 3-in-1 6.75
PL01C100 Phuc Long Green Tea 100g canister 4.20
PL02C100 Phuc Long Jasmine Tea 100g canister 4.65
PL03C100 Phuc Long Lotus Tea 100g canister 4.65
PL01B150 Ph�c Long Green Tea 50g teabags 2.95
PL02B150 Phuc Long Jasmine Tea 50g teabags 2.95
PL03B150 Ph�c Long Lotus Tea 50g teabags 2.95
DCDBG500 Dragon Blend #1 Gnd 500g bag 6.25
DCDBB500 Dragon Blend #1 BEAN 500g bag 6.25
TLH1G500 Truong Lam House Gnd 500g bag 5.50
TDH1G500 Tri Dung (Brown) Gnd 500g bag 5.75
TDH2G500 Tri Dung (Red) Gnd 500g bag 6.25
TDH3G500 Tri Dung (Black) Bag Gnd 500g bag 6.75
FILTER7G S/Steel 140ml Filter 3.90
FILTER7S S/Steel 140ml Filter Screwdown 4.20
FILTER8G S/Steel 200ml Filter 4.50
FILTER8S S/Steel 200ml Filter Screwdown 4.80
FILTER9G S/Steel 340ml Filter 5.10
FILTER10 S/Steel 450ml Filter 5.70
FILTGLASS TN Branded Glasses + Filters 14.70
CMILK397 Condensed Milk. 397g can 2.90
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